The Triumvirate of Tactics

The Host:

Sean "abusepuppy" Morgan

Warlord, Contrarian, Podcast Host, and 40k rule guru. Lover of the T'au Empire and Aeldari races. Appreciates Chaos. Role: Pun Master

The 'Good' Co-Host:

Shaylynn "Lady of Titan" Allen

Teleport Reserve, Autistic, Podcast Recorder, and secretly famous. The Grey Knight fangirl. Does play Imperium. Role: Voice of Reason

The 'Bad' Co-Host:

Joshua Death, his name says all

Heavy Support, Veteran, Podcast Expert, and player of all factions. Legion of the Damned is where it's really at. Role: The Source of Evil

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The Lady of Titan in her recording hole.

Multi-tasking at its finest!

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