• In the Finest Hour

Analyzing a New Codex

Codices have been coming out at a pretty breakneck pace this edition, and they're not done yet- this episode, we talk about the process of examining a new book to try and understand how the three of us pick it apart and zero in on the strongest units, stratagems, and other options. Thanks to Dankmus for the music, and Rylan Woodrow for our art. If you enjoyed the episode, please rate/review us on your podcast service of choice and share the episode with your friends.

Episode Music: Dankmus (https://soundcloud.com/dankmus/the-box-factory)

Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow (https://www.facebook.com/ArtofRylanWoodrow/)

Sponsored by: Vreda Forge (https://www.facebook.com/vredaforge/)

Directed by: Sean Morgan

Recorded by: Shaylynn Allen

Edited by: The Lady of Titan


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