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Analyzing Mission Series #1: ITC Championships 2018

Snowflake Jake* has brought us all a wondrous gift on this Snowflake Day, an extra-special start to our new episode series on analyzing and understanding the many different mission formats out there. We're starting with what is the most common format for west coast USA players, the ITC Champions set; we talk about the six primary missions and how they should affect your list-building as well as discussing all eleven secondary missions in detail and which ones you should pick (or avoid) in different situations and lists. Jam-packed full of helpful holiday tips, this is our largest episode yet, so sit yourself 'round the old yule log and have a listen!

This episode also marks the beginning of our Patreon service as well as the attached Discord servers and Facebook group- for a small monthly donation, you can join our growing group of fans and chat personally with them as well as the hosts of the podcast about lists, meta, advice, and more.

Shaylynn, a woman of her word, has kindly provided the ITC missions vs. deployment maps visual for all to enjoy and learn from: https://www.inthefinesthour.com/…/itc-championship-missions….

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Our Patreon: (www.patreon.com/inthefinesthour/) Episode Music: Dankmus (soundcloud.com/dankmus/) Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow (https://www.facebook.com/ArtofRylanWoodrow/) Sponsored by: Vreda Forge (https://www.facebook.com/vredaforge/) Charity Hammer (https://www.charityhammer.com/) Directed by: Sean Morgan Recorded by: Shaylynn Allen Edited by: Lady of Titan *Sean is a large fan of MTV's 1-season 'Clone High' cartoon.

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