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Battle Report Test Post

(This is the layout for our battle reports and the post was written as an educated guess as to the first video's contents).

Sean and Shaylynn are practicing for the Las Vegas Open. This is a playtest game using their refined army lists and approximate LVO terrain.

Mission: ITC Mission #3 Deployment: Vanguard Strike

[Video here]

Directed by: Sean Morgan Recorded by: Karla Allen Badeau Edited by: Shaylynn Allen Music by: The Box Factory by Dankmus (https://soundcloud.com/dankmus/the-box-factory) Overlay by: Rylan Woodrow (https://www.facebook.com/ArtofRylanWoodrow/) Special Thanks: Fate & Fury Games for letting us use their twitch room

Sean's List: [Insert <Craftworlds> primary Aeldari list here]

Game Plan: Using superior Aeldari rules and firepower to crush her.

Shaylynn's List: [Insert <Grey Knights> primary Imperium list here] Game Plan: Using a precision alpha strike to disable key units to his tricks before they can go off.

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