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Winning and Losing in the Deployment Phase

Podcast Episode #1: Winning and Losing in the Deployment Phase

The Hosts have much to say....

Have you ever lost a game before it started? You might have! In this episode, Sean, Shay, and Josh talk about how to deploy, how not to deploy, and how to take advantage of your opponent's deployment. If you enjoyed the podcast, please rate/review us or share us with your friends.

Episode Music: Dankmus (https://soundcloud.com/dankmus/the-box-factory) Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow (https://www.facebook.com/ArtofRylanWoodrow/)

Sponsored by: Vreda Forge (https://www.facebook.com/vredaforge/)

Directed by: Sean Morgan

Recorded by: Shaylynn Allen Edited by: Joshua Death PS- (Lady of Titan here: Unfortunately the audio capture on this episode was rather poor. We are well aware and apologize by getting superior capture on every episode that follows.)

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