• In the Finest Hour

Writing a Competitive List

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Struggling with how to put together a tournament list? Our three hosts talk through the processes they use to formulate a list and the tools they consider critical to succeeding with an army. From single-minded armies that do one thing brutally well to multifaceted generalist lists that bring a tool for every situation, we talk about how you can make your creation come to life.

Website Bonus: Link to the lists spoken of in this episode.

Episode Music: Dankmus (https://soundcloud.com/dankmus/the-box-factory)

Icon Artist: Rylan Woodrow (https://www.facebook.com/ArtofRylanWoodrow/)

Sponsored by: Vreda Forge (https://www.facebook.com/vredaforge/)

Charity Hammer (https://www.charityhammer.com/)

Directed by: Sean Morgan

Recorded by: Shaylynn Allen

Edited by: The Lady of Titan


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